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AirFreeze : Clean, fresh and refreshing air can make hot summer days much more tolerable.


We all seek to enjoy a healthy and pleasant atmosphere, whether at home or in the office. AirFreeze is a device that not only cools, but humidifies and purifies the air! This smart, high-quality product is supposed to satisfy even the most demanding customers, but is it?

Great power in a small package

AirFreeze is a compact size cooler that you can connect to a USB port to lower the temperature around your work area. AirFreeze combines 3 functions: it cools, purifies and humidifies the air. Just add water to the tank and set the fan to one of the three speeds offered. You can even adjust the direction of ventilation, up or down. One of the great advantages of this cooler is that it is perfectly silent. If you wish, you can even turn on the 7-color LED bulbs to add ambiance. The cooler comes equipped with a 1.2 m long USB cable for immediate use.

AirFreeze combines three functions: it cools, purifies and humidifies the air. You may think that such a device would take up a lot of space. Well, not at all ! What sets this cooler apart from other devices on the market is its small size and elegant design.

The biggest advantage of this device is that it is compact, powerful and quiet. This space-saving cooler can be placed on a shelf in the office, on a table in the living room or on a chest of drawers in the bedroom.


This elegantly designed device is suitable for any decor. The 1.2 m long USB cable allows you to plug it into any room in your home. In addition, you can take advantage of the 7-color LED backlight that allows you to create a fairytale atmosphere in your child’s room or a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom.

Multifunctionality and money saving

This device is really easy to use thanks to the evaporative water cooling technology. No advanced technical knowledge is required. Just pour the right amount of water into the tank to cool off in the summer.

This technology, which consumes much less energy than ordinary air conditioning systems, saves you money. For convenience, this unit allows you to choose between three ventilation speeds and adjust the airflow direction up or down as needed. In addition, this cooler allows you to cool a room for 8 hours!


You will not regret buying a AirFreeze for € 89, because this concentrate of easy-to-use technology is ten times less expensive than an ordinary air conditioning system. But we must still remain realistic, this device, although incredible, can never cool a room as effectively as an air conditioning system which costs 2000 €.

However, you will not need to call a certified technician to install air conditioners which cost € 1,000 per unit in each room of your home. Just place the AirFreeze in the room you want, turn it on and it will immediately start to cool it down. Enjoy a pleasant atmosphere on hot summer days without having to empty your bank account or break down the walls to install an air conditioning system.

You can get a cooler at an even cheaper price by taking advantage of AirFreeze ‘s limited time promotional offer . Hurry up and visit their web page to take advantage of the special discount before the offer expires. By clicking on this link or on the button below, you will instantly access the official website of the special offer. So you will be sure to get the best possible price.

Enjoy a pleasant atmosphere during the summer!


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