Why Are Modern Relationships So Fragile


Most of the modern day youngsters prefer staying single, especially when they see their friends going through the strong of relationships. If this is the matter of fact, then it is better to stay single instead of going through so many heartbreaks and sad times. Below are some of the common reasons which will help you to find out why the modern day relationships are so fragile.

Partners are Not Prepared

Most of the modern partners are not prepared to compromise on their relations and sacrifice themselves to love unconditionally. Modern couples don’t tend to wait for anything and they need everything randomly. They don’t let their feelings to grow and put a time limit on what they think should be feeling and when instead.

Modern Relationships

Confusing Love with Other Feelings

Modern partners who just only want a soul mate for bedroom, but they also want someone who can join them for outings and night clubs. They also need someone who can understand them and support them at the time of deepest sorrow. They don’t prefer living a boring life and hence they search for cheerful companions who can change their live to adventure.

Waiting for Instant Results

When we fall in love, we want our relationship to mature. Maturity and mutual understanding only come after years of togetherness. There are couples who believe that there is nothing in life that worth their patience and time and even love.

Most of the Couples Prefer Wasting their Strength

Most of the couples today prefer spending long hours with a hundred of different people than a day with one single person. Opinion exists these days and it is always better to meet people than to get to know them closely. Since we are greedy, we need everything at once and we tend to start relationship and end them as soon as we find other better variant. People don’t give their best to the person, but expect others to be perfect. They tend to date most of the people, but hardly give anyone a chance.

Inclined Mostly Towards Technology

Since we all are leading a life where technology consumes a major part of our life. We all are close to technology and find it difficult to live a life without technology. From voice messages to texting, video calls to chats and more have replaced our face to face communication in many cases and we prefer spending time with our devices instead of spending time with our partners. This is the major fall in a relationship which lets the couple apart very quickly. Since we don’t have anything to discuss, the relationship becomes weak gradually and breakup occurs.

These were some of the reasons why modern relationships are so fragile and breaking up easily. So, ensure to overcome from these issues and retain the relationship for years to come.

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