Instantly Fresh Portable AC : Stay Cool and Comfortable within Budget


Instantly Fresh Portable ACAs the hot summer weather approaches we all tend to avoid the outdoor activities. Most of the people tend to stay back at home to avoid the hot humid conditions outside. They use Air Conditioning system to stay comfortable and cool. But not all people are capable of installing a AC unit in their home and as a result they end up facing the uncomfortable humid conditions during summer. But, a new portable AC unit has been introduced which is not only effective for cooling effects, but also pocket friendly. Instantly Fresh Portable AC is the right solution for people during summer. This unit keeps the person and the environment cool during summer, while offering breezing effects across the environment.

Instantly Fresh Portable AC is the small, yet effective air humidifier that works to remove the humidity from the environment and offers clean and fresh air to keep your comfortable. Besides, the unit is effective for removing the dust particles and pathogens from air and deliver you clean and fresh air always. So, stay cool and colfmrotable with the portable AC this summer without burning a hole in your pocket.     

Brief Overview of Instantly Fresh Portable AC!

This Fresh Portable AC is nothing but a portable AC system that works efficiently to keep you cool with its 3 one of its kind position-able air flows. The device works to circulate the fresh air, while eliminating pathogens and dust from the air. It ensures to keep the air fresh and clean, while dehumidifying the air for a comfortable and cool breeze always. It also works as air cleaner that cleans the air in the environment and delivers you a fresh and cool breeze always.

The portable AC comes with Type-C charging cable that allows the unit to get power from the wall socket. Since it is portable you can carry it comfortably with you for outdoor trips and with single charging it last up to 5-6 hours. It is simple to use and also makes your life comfortable and easier.

The Working Mechanism of Instantly Fresh Portable AC

The working process of the AC unit is simple and easy. It holds the air smooth and ionises the air so as to remove the toxic molecules form the air which are likely to spread airborne diseases. The AC unit comes with filters that are installed internally and it filters out the toxic particles and circulates fresh air through its fan. Besides, the portable AC also works to dehumidify the environment and deliver only clean, fresh and cool breeze of air into the room.

There is a filter inside the unit which need to be cleaned regularly and after years of usages it may also require to be replaced with a new filter for efficient cooling effects. It filter is the main component of the unit which dehumidify, clean and filters the particles in air and deliver you clean and cool air always.

How to Use This Fresh Portable AC?

  • Step One – Add water into the unit by pouring it into the top portion of the unit
  • Step Two – Include the replaceable water curtain. Remember the water curtain in the AC unit usually last for 7-8 months and need replacement thereafter.
  • Step Three – Turn the AC on and wait for few minutes to get refreshing and cool breeze of air from the AC    

Important Highlights

  • Easy to carry, compact and small AC unit for homes
  • Comes with 3 different speed settings with adjustable knob
  • Comes with rechargeable battery that last for 5-6 hours
  • The unit has air flow direction and users need to regulate the face of the vent to redirect the flow of air
  • There is a LED light that indicates the amount of power left and when charging is required.
  • Water indicator lets you to know the water level in the unit and when refilling needed
  • Instantly Fresh Portable AC comes with money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase

Where to Order This Portable AC?

People who are with limited budget can prefer buying Instantly Fresh Portable AC as it is portable and comes with affordable pricing. To buy it you have to visit its official website as it is not available at any retail store online.

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