What Your Kids Miss Out When They Skip Their Breakfast


Skip Their Breakfast : Breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day and starting your day with a healthy breakfast is really very essential. Skipping breakfast is considered unhealthy and dangerous for your kids and hence it is suggested that kids must always prefer eating their breakfast to give their day a kick start. It not only keeps them healthy and active throughout the day, but also provides the required nutrients to their body and system. According to many studies, it is proved that breakfast for kids is the key to ensure your kids are getting the required nutrients for healthy beginning of the day. So, if your kids miss their morning meal on regular basis can negatively impact their health.

Try Easy On the Go Breakfast Recipes to Provide Required Nutrients to Kids

The researchers have used a variety of food dairies in order to track down the diets that kids aged 4 and 10 years and 11 and 18 years require for healthy nutrition. These are the foods which were tracked from the report of 2008 and 2012 and they have selected these foods in order to compare the levels of key nutrients in the foods that kids ate according to nutrition guidelines.

Based on the reports, the breakfast for kids are described as more than just 100 calories of foods between the 6 am to 9 am in the morning. However, the study is not meant for disclosing the effects and causes of this relationship. The researchers have not found the effects and negativity of the breakfast skippers and what nutrients they are missing. Some of the crucial nutrients that breakfast skippers miss include iodine, iron, calcium and folate.

Skip Their Breakfast

It is estimated that kids who skip their morning meals usually don’t meet the minimal requirement of intake of iron compared to those who regularly intake breakfast in the morning to start their day. It is also noticed that people who skip their morning breakfast usually don’t meet the calcium guidelines set for people, compared to those who take their breakfast regularly to kick start their day.

According to the survey, it is noticed that about 7 to 8 percent of kids aged 4-10 years skip their breakfast every day compared to the kids that are older. The researchers have found that this difference is mainly because of the negligence of parents as they are not focused on what their younger ones are eating.

What are the Ways to Fix These Common Mistakes?

Some of the studies were conducted on specific foods and dietary quality and it is found that the dietary quality and specific foods can help identify the differences that are due to diverse kinds of breakfast that is being taken in different age groups. The study also provides a deep insight of the impact of breakfast on the dietary quality of the kids in a whole. So, it is necessary for the kids to ensure taking their morning breakfast     in order to get all the required nutrients to stay healthy and active.

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