Okowatt : Take Control Over Your Home’s Electricity Consumption


OkowattNothing is more frustrating than high rise utility bills, especially during summer months. During summers we tend to run multiple appliances like cooling system, fans and other appliances that increase your overall household electricity bills. To have a control over your increased utility bills Okowatt energy saver is introduced. Okowatt is the energy saver box that you have to install into your wall socket to reduce up to 50% of energy. The device is easy to use and you simply need to plug in the device to normal electric socket to optimize the electricity consumption and lowering the overall utility monthly bills.

The device is the effective alternative to take down the digits on your monthly electricity bills. It is designed using innovative technology that helps in saving electricity on different home appliances. It can be used anywhere from offices, to restaurants to homes and hotels. There are no specific requirements for its installation as it you need to un-box the device and plug in into the wall socket to reap its advantages. It helps in reducing energy consumption by supplying only essential energy to the appliances, while reducing unnecessary wastages of electricity.

 The Highlights of Okowatt

This energy saver is becoming the crucial part of every household and offices. This device is mainly designed for households that are struggling with increased electricity bills every month. It is a simple energy saving box that allows you to save money and energy and expect to see a huge decline in your next month utility bills. This energy saving box is dominating the market across the world because of its amazing features.

  • Offers smooth functioning and have perfect input of 90 to 25 volts
  • The frequency range of the device varies from 50 to 60 Hz
  • It is a lightweight device and portable that makes it easier to carry
  • It comes with temperature control function and makes it fireproof and explosive proof
  • The energy saver box comes with LED green indicator light that lets you know that it is functioning
  • It is an automated device and easy to use
  • No installation required and comes with plug-in support
  • It can handle electricity range up to 1000 sq. ft

Why Make Use of Okowatt?

  • The device works efficiently to reduce the overall electricity bills by lowering the power consumptions of appliances and electric devices
  • Okowatt is also efficient for reducing the power consumptions of cooling systems, heating system and other gadgets in your home
  • It is reliable and fireproof and it also has shockproof sensor available in the box itself
  • With the help of this device you can reduce the electricity bill up to 70% every month
  • It comes with universal socket support which means it can be used with any wall socket
  • The device works to control the wastage of power in homes, hotels and offices
  • It is reliable and can be used for long time without worries.

How to Make Use of Okowatt?

The interesting thing about this gadget is that there is no prior installation required to use the device for energy saving. All you need to do is to un-box the device and plug-in to any socket or line. There is a green LED indicator that turns on when it is plugged in to any wall socket.

The one thing you need to keep in mind that it can also cover a range of 1000 sq. ft and hence you need to ensure that you are using one Okowatt for 1000 sq. ft and if the area is big enough then you have to use multiple devices for reduction of power consumption.

What is the Cost of This Device?

The device is only available for purchase online and for one unit you would require to shell out around $39.98 and shipping and handling cost is extra. However, if you are buying multiple devices, then you are likely to get up to 50% discount with free shipping and handling. All its devices come with lifetime warranty.

Where to Order?

If you want to save money on electricity and optimize the energy consumption of appliances, then visit its official website today to place order. It is not available offline and hence the best destination to buy it is the official website.

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