Immune Defence : Boost Your Immunity & Stay Protected from Viruses and Pathogens


Immune DefenceWhether you are going through traumatic time, fighting off a cold or simply want to stay fit and healthy, it is extremely important to keep your immunity stronger always. Immunity is the shielding system of your body that protects the internal system from foreign particles, viruses and bacteria. It makes your body capable of fighting against all foreign bodies, bacteria and viruses that enter the system accidentally. So, keeping the immunity stronger is essential. Immune Defence is the one of its kind immune system support formula that is packed with the richness and potential of different minerals and vitamins. This formula provides the required dose of Vitamin A/C/E along with zinc.

As the name suggest, Immune Defence is the formula that naturally boost the immune system of your body and supports heightens the immune system to combat against free radicals and foreign bodies. It fortifies the natural defence system of your body to combat against different infections, flu viruses and more. Immune Defence not only supports the immunity, but also reduces the duration of cold system by 50%. It promotes faster recovery from infections and flu viruses and keeps you protected from free radical damages. The formula is the ultimate caring system for your immunity and it enhances its ability to combat against pathogens and other foreign particles.

Understanding the Working Process

As mentioned, the primary aim of Immune Defence is to provide the daily required dose of essential nutrients and minerals to boost the natural defence system of your body called immunity. The formula works as the protection system and ensures that your immunity is strong enough to combat against pathogens and flu viruses whenever required. It supplies the required amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to optimize the functioning of immunity and keeping it stronger always. It enhances the ability of your immune system to combat against pathogens and other foreign particles proactively.

The formula not only works to strengthen the immunity, but also reduces the flue like symptoms and promotes faster recovery from flu viruses and fever. It keeps the immune system protected from all harmful pathogens and makes it stronger enough to combat with free radical damages.         

The Key Fixings of Immune Defence

  • Rosehip Cut Flower – This is the herbal ingredient and it is the rich source of Vitamin C/A/E and Acerola. These are the crucial vitamins to optimize the normal functioning of the immunity. It fortifies the natural defence system of your and makes it stronger to fight against pathogens.
  • Zinc Gluconate – This is another healthy clinically approved ingredient that is known to strengthen the immunity and boost its ability to fight against free radical damages and pathogens. It keeps the immune system protected always and heightens its performance and ability.
  • Sugar – This substance is included as the bulking agent and it has not specific role.
  • Oil of Aniseed – This is another herbal substance that is used to support the immune system of humans and it optimizes the immune functions, while making it stronger to keep you protected and promote faster recovery

How to Use Immune Defence?

The monthly pack of Immune Defence comprises of 120 lozenges and daily users are required to consume two lozenges or as prescribed by their healthcare professional. It is extremely important that you follow the dosing instructions carefully and use it as prescribed to avoid the complications, if any.

It is recommended that users must follow the instructions of doctor and ensure to consult them prior to using the formula. You must not exceed the daily dose of Immune Defence as it is not considered good for your health.

Is There Any Negative Effect?

No, there are no negative effects associated with Immune Defence as it is designed with herbs and clinically approved substances. However, it is extremely important that you follow the instructions carefully and always use it as prescribed. Consulting your doctor is also important and ensures to use it as prescribed to achieve faster and better results without side effects.

Where to Order Immune Defence?

This immunity booster is not available at any retail store or drug store. Interested users are required to visit its official website to place order for monthly supply of the formula.

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