Getzor Face Mask – Protection at Highest Degree with Medical Grade


Getzor Face MaskPollution and harmful substances present in the air kills thousands of people every year. There is a new pandemic caused by COVID-19 virus and this virus is deadly that is taking toll on the lives of people across the world. In order to prevent spreading and catching the virus, WHO has suggested people to wear face mask whenever they go out of their house. Getzor Face Mask is the highly protective and double layered face mask designed to keep the users protected from such viruses, pollens and allergens present in air. The face mask is designed with medical grade fabric which is quite thick and can prevent the air pollens and allergens to bypass its filtration system.

Getzor Face Mask is the reusable face mask which is designed for people of all ages and irrespective of the size and shape of the face, you can make use of it when you go out of your house. The face mask comes with adjustable band on both the edges that allow you to snugly fit the mask over your face for full coverage of your mouth and nose. It also features breathable respiratory valve that makes sure to offer a 360 degree seal and prevents lens fogging.

What is Getzor Face Mask?

During this pandemic situation, it is important that you cover your face to stay protected from the virus and breathe safe. But, when it comes to face mask you must always prefer using some high quality, medical grade mask like Getzor Face Mask. This Mask is the premium grade medical quality reusable face mask that offers complete protection by covering your face, nose and mouth without any leakage. The face mask comes with breathable respiratory valve that ensures to maintain a 360 degree seal and this also prevents lens fogging.

With the use of Getzor Face Mask you can breathe filtered air which is safe for you. The face mask is reusable and hence it can be reused again and again and it is washable mask. Since the face mask is designed with thicker polyurethane PU material with dual filtration technology it can filter out all impurities available in the air. This ensures that you breathe only fresh, clean and safe air.

What are the Highlights of Getzor Face Mask?

  • Getzor Face Mask is very light in weight and helps smooth breathing, while reducing humidity build-up and lens fog
  • It is designed with comfortable neoprene that can seal the air and allows you to breathe clean and safe air always
  • The face mask is comfortable and snugly fits over your face, regardless of the shape and size
  • It is elastic and flexible that fits over your face perfectly.
  • The mask comes with breathing valve to exhale and inhale the air comfortable
  • It is foldable and washable and hence you can use it with ease
  • The face mask has shelf life and can be used it several times
  • Getzor Face Mask also has carbon filter that works efficiently and filters the smallest bacteria effortlessly.     

Is It Suitable for People of All Ages!

Yes, it is suitable for people of all ages as it flexible and can be worn by anyone regardless of the shape and size of their face. The face mask is designed with elastic PU material that is washable and it expands to fit snugly over your face.

The face mask also comes with elastic band that you can adjust according to the size of the face and this ensures to fit snugly over your face and cover your mouth and nose perfectly.

The Manufacturer of the Face Mask

Getzor Face Mask is made by the certified company based in UK and the face mask is named after the Getzor Officail Store. This company specializes in high quality medical grade face masks that are becoming a necessity these days. The company handles its operation online for the shoppers.

Where One Can Buy This Mask?

Well, the protective face mask can only be bought online as it is not available at drug store or retail store near you. This is face mask that you have to purchase directly from the official store of the company.

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