Freedom Mask : Restore Your Freedom and Stay Protected


The world is teaming up to combat against pandemic caused by flu viruses and COVID-19 Coronavirus and being the sensible resident it is your duty to stay safe and protected. You need to follow the guidelines of WHO to combat against COVID-19 and contribute your efforts towards fighting against Coronavirus. The very first step is to wear face mask regularly when you go out and when it comes to face mask Freedom Mask is the best alternative. This is the innovative medical grade face mask designed with N95 respirator breathing technology. It protects you from airborne diseases and viruses and allows you to breathe in fresh and clean air always.

This is the face mask that is designed with thick surgical grade fabric and it comes with proper ventilation system to prevent the users from feeling suffocated. This face mask is designed to prevent all kinds of viruses and bacteria and pathogens present in the air. It can filter all these viruses and bacteria effectively as it uses Nano technology for filtration. There are face masks which are designed to protect the wearers from all illness caused by airborne viruses. It snugly fits over your face and offers complete protection using the 5-layer carbon filter.

Freedom Mask

A Brief Review on Freedom Mask

Freedom Mask is the medical grade face mask designed to regain the freedom and safety during this pandemic situation. This is the powerful N95 face mask that protects the wearer against all illness and diseases caused by airborne bacteria and viruses. It is effective against all viruses, pathogens and pollens present in air and prevent them from entering into your body and make you sick. The face mask is designed to fit over your face snugly and cover both your nose and mouth. It offers full face coverage and prevents all leakage from where the viruses can enter.

This face mask is ultra durable and comfortable to wear and it comes with adjustable band that allows you to wear the face mask efficiently over your face. The face mask uses 5-layer carbon filter for effective filtration of the viruses and bacteria. It also comes with adjustable nose clip that allows you to wear the mask over your face and prevent leakage.

How Freedom Mask is Made?

Freedom Mask is the medical grade face mask that is designed using high quality surgical grade fabric. It is ultra thick and gives the wearer with full confidence as they are totally covered and protected when outside their house. This is face mask designed with chinlon and nylon material that offer stretchy and comfortable feeling. It comprises of carbon activated filter system which is safe for filtering out the pathogens and viruses that come in contact with the face mask. It is ultra durable and can be used by people of all ages.

The face mask comes with adjustable nose clip that ensures to keep the face mask intact in place. All over the mask it has uniform stitching and hence it won’t wear out easily despite using it for several years. It comprises of breathing valve to ensure smooth breathing and minimized moisture inside mask.

How to Wear the Freedom Mask?

Well, this is the face mask which is totally different from other mask available out there in market. The face mask comes with adjustable elastic band and adjustable nose clip. The users are required to put the face mask over their face and adjust the elastic band and put it behind their ears. They need to check with the fitting and ensure that there is no leakage.

Now you need to adjust the nose clip over the nose and ensure that the mask is properly sits over your mouth and nose. Press the clip to keep the mask intact in place for hours of comfortable use.

Is There Any Discomfort with This Mask?

The face mask comes with adjustable band and nose clip and this ensures that the mask sits comfortable and snugly over your face, covering the entire mouth and nose. Besides, it comes with breathing valve that ensure smooth and easy breathing without any moisture accumulation inside the mask to make you uncomfortable.

Where to Buy This Mask?

Freedom Mask is the medical grade mask which is made available online only. Interested buyers are required to buy it from its official website as it is not available at any drug store or retail store offline.

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