Find Out How Male Counterparts are Taking Responsibility for Contraceptive


Contraceptive : According to government health officials in USA, 6 out of 10 sexually active men are taking up the liability for birth control. While having sex they are using contraception methods in the form of condom, vasectomy, withdrawal or a combination, especially the unmarried males. The percent of these males are about 45% according to the reports.

Below is the Chart for Birth Control Options Available for Women

In a study, about 3700 unmarried and sexually active males have been surveyed by researchers that age between 15 years and 44 years. In the study, the researchers have found that the birth control methods in male have increased to 59% from 52% in 2002. However, the male method contraception has registered a hike of 75% in the recent past, especially amongst the males who have never married, while it is only 55% amongst the married men. The men who are in living relationship with their partners follow only 36% of male method contraception.

It is noticed that men relying on condoms and vasectomy has reduced since 2002, while the use of withdrawal before ejaculation has been increased. So, the reliance on pulling out before ejaculation has doubled in the recent past. According to experts, withdrawal before ejaculation is considered to be the most reliable and effective type of contraception and it is amongst the rubric of male methods. But, when it comes to family planning, withdrawal before ejaculation is considered to be very poor option; thereby in such condition men preferably use condom or the birth control pills for women.


There are a variety of things that contribute to higher level of male contraceptive use, of which comprehensive sex education is necessary along with increased emphasis on communication with the partner and on male’s responsibility for contraception and access to the reproductive health services via different methods.

What Does Survey Reveals?

Based on the reports of National Survey of Family Growth, the use of condom has been increased in the married group of males. It is observed that 6 out of 10 males never married report using the condom and about 35% of males who are married prefer using condom as male contraceptive method. It is also found that over half of the single black men prefer using the condoms during sex compared to the 44% of the white peers and 42% of Hispanics.

As far as age is concerned, it is noticed that over 3 quarters of 15 and 19 years males make use of condoms as compared to the male groups ranging from 35 years to 44 years. In the survey, it was also found that the popularity of the withdrawal before ejaculation has reduced from 26% to 12% amongst the male between the age group of 35 years and 44 years. This process is also tried by many males who have not married compared to the men who are married and those who are living with a partner in living relationship.

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