CleaniX UV Sanitizer : Read This Review First Before You Buy This!


Hospitals were using UV or Ultra-Violet lights for many years as a cleaning tool. Now you will find the smaller versions of UV sanitization lights that are easily available to consumers to clean any object, surfaces and also their hands and keep it protected from germs, bacteria and viruses. CleaniX UV Sanitizer is the UV light powered sanitizer which can sanitize your homes, any surfaces, objects and even your hands by killing the germs, bacteria and viruses that are present on these surfaces. Since liquid hand sanitizers are costly and expensive and quickly selling out of the shelves, the CleaniX UV Sanitizer is the most effective option that can kill germs, bacteria and viruses from any surfaces in a cost effective way.

These CleaniX UV  are designed with powerful UV light beams that has shortest wavelength and hence they are powerful in killing viruses and bacteria like pathogens. They have wavelength between 200 and 400nm and it is highly effective for decontamination of the surfaces by destroying the molecular bonds that hold the DNA of the COVID-19 viruses and bacteria. It is not only effective for removing the bacteria and viruses, but it can also kill the drug-resistant bacteria by 30%, making it the powerful sanitizer today in such critical situation where COVID-19 is spreading rapidly.

CleaniX UV Sanitizer

How Does CleaniX UV Sanitizer Works?

Viruses like COVID-19 don’t reproduce on their own but they have genetic material either RNA or DNA and hence they reproduce when comes in contact to cells and injecting their DNA. Some of the viruses even burst out their infected cells and other merge into infected cells, reproducing every time it divides the cells. For all these issues, UV rays are quite effective as UV light can kill the viruses, no matter how it is spreading. The UV light damages the DNA molecules and also kills the sequence forms instructions for the cells and this stops the reproduction.

The UV Sanitizer causes thymine bases to infuse together and scramble the DNA sequences and throw wrench into machinery. Since the DNA sequence is destroyed it can’t replicate efficiently. This is how the CleaniX UV Sanitizer annihilates the viruses by killing their ability to reproduce and spread the viruses.

Is CleaniX UV Sanitizer Effective for Coronavirus?

COVID-19 is the new type of virus and there are many studies proving their resistance against UV rays. But, this is not the fact as people are getting effective results with This Sanitizer as it is effective against COVID-19 viruses too as it kills their DNA and prevents them from spreading the virus to others. CleaniX UV Sanitizer is also used in hospitals to disinfect the rooms in hospitals, even the face masks that are available out there are undergoing UV treatment before made available to consumers. This proves that this Sanitizer has effective results against COVID-19 viruses.

So, if you are not finding your hand sanitizer or home sanitizer in market, ensure to buy CleaniX UV Sanitizer which is the effective way to stay safe and stay protected during this pandemic situation caused by COVID-19.

How to Use CleaniX UV Sanitizer?

The method for using the Sanitizer is mentioned on the label of the formula and users are required to read the instructions carefully while using it. The device has a button to activate and deactivate the UV light beam and you need to sweep the device gradually over the surfaces that are suspected to have the viruses or bacteria.

Simply activate the device and hove it around the surfaces for 20 seconds and all the germs, bacteria and viruses present on the surfaces would get killed permanently and you can respite that you are safe and protected.

Is CleaniX UV Sanitizer Effective for all Surfaces?

Yes, this  is the effective UV ray powered sanitizer that can disinfect all surfaces including rooms, tables, laptops, phones and even your hands. This is the portable lamp that can sterilize everything within reach and it is easy to use and you will find not difficulty in using the CleaniX UV Sanitizer.

Where to Order CleaniX UV Sanitizer?

CleaniX UV Sanitizer is available for purchase online and interested buyers can find their pack online from any reputed retailers. You can buy as many CleaniX UV Sanitizers as you want from the retail store online.

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