Ciavix : Boost Your Performance in Bedroom and Heighten Sexual Abilities


The bedroom performance of males depends on different aspects, of which the primary is the age and testosterone count in body. If you notice any decline in testosterone count due to aging, sexual complications surface like poor libido, poor erections and higher fatigue levels. In order to sustain a healthy sexual life and performance, it is necessary to maintain a healthy level of testosterone in body and this is possible only with revolutionary formula called Ciavix. To learn more about the formula, keep reading this Ciavix review.

What is Ciavix, Its Effects and Advantages of Using It?

CiavixCiavix is a powerful supplement backed by natural sciences and it works efficiently to restore the sexual health and performance of males. Since it is backed by natural sciences, there is no risk of experiencing any kind of negative effects. There are many sexual aspects taken care of by this revolutionary formula and some of the aspects include:

  • Heightening sexual drives
  • Boosting endurance and stamina
  • Maximizing lasting capacity on bed
  • Keeping harder and stronger on bed
  • Maximizing sexual pleasure
  • Improvising performance and sexual drives
  • Boosting testosterone count in body
  • Increasing size and girth of penis

These were some of the benefits and effects that you are going to experience with Ciavix. Besides, it also focuses on stimulating the circulation of blood across penile region that allows widening the vessels to increase holding capacity. You notice harder erections always with intense orgasms to satisfy your partner on bed. Since it reduces your fatigue levels, you can last longer and perform harder on bed.

The List of Components Backing Ciavix

Ciavix is the formula that is backed by natural sciences and it comprises a long list of ingredients. All the substances are clinically approved and they work together to stimulate the functioning of males during sexual acts. Here is the list of ingredients included in the formula.

  • Maca Root Powder
  • L-Arginine
  • Nettle Seeds
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Tongkat Ali Extract
  • Pumpkin Seed Powder
  • Tribulus Terrestris   

These are the ingredients that are included in the formula and it offers you ultimate sexual benefits without causing any negative effects.

How to Use Ciavix For Maximum Benefits?

Well, the instructions regarding the usages of Ciavix are mentioned on its label and you are required to follow the instructions carefully to achieve faster and healthy results. However, it is suggested that users must not exceed the daily dosing of two capsules and ensure to consume it with water for 90 days to see results.

Besides, following the instructions of manufacturers, users are also required to consult their doctor prior to using it and learn about the daily dosing of it as per their health and age. Avoid overdosing of the formula as it is harmful for your health and may cause negative effects to your health.

Pros & Cons


  • Heightens sexual hormone testosterone in body
  • Increases endurance and stamina, while reducing fatigue levels
  • Maximizes your lasting capacity on bed
  • Increases size and girth of penis
  • Stimulates circulation in penile region
  • Helps you achieve harder and longer lasting erections
  • Improvises your performance and wellbeing


  • Availability issues as it is only available online
  • Minors and people under severe medications are restricted from using it
  • Overdosing causes harmful effects on health
  • Consultation with doctor is necessary before using it

The Cost of Ciavix

Ciavix is available online and it is suggested that for pricing policy of the formula visit its official website. The manufacturer has also offers for the first time buyers. If you are buying it for the first time, you may get chance to grab the risk free trail offer by paying only the shipping and handling charges.

Apart from the charges for monthly supply, you can also check out for other discounts and trial offers before ordering your pack. The official website is the right place to purchase the formula as it is not available at retail store near you. 

Final Thought!

If you want to restore your manhood and sexual excitability without risking your health, then buy Ciavix today from its official website. It is the healthy and powerful supplement that causes no side effects.

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