Blaux Portable AC : Stay Cool This Summer with Breezing and Chill Air


Blaux is the industry leader in consumer goods and recently they have come forth with an innovative technology to beat the summer heat. Blaux Portable AC is the personal air conditioner that has many innovative features and innovative cooling abilities to keep you comfortable during summer. The air conditioning system comes with three fan speed settings and can be used individually, making it the ideal option to stay cool during soaring temperature outside. The unit has separate ice tray that is battery operated and hence no power supply is needed for its operations.

Blaux Portable AC works efficiently during scorching temperature and causes no noise like ACs. So, it is best suited for bedroom to enjoy sound sleep at night without disturbance. This personal cooling solution is taking the AC market by storm this summer and with more users realizing the significance in this global pandemic and soaring temperature. So, this personal air conditioner would work as a boon for those that are struggling with humid and hot climates this summer. It consumes less energy and runs smoothly without causing any noise, therefore making it the ideal choice for people who are worried about huge utility bills.

Blaux Portable AC

The Quality Features of Blaux Portable AC

There are no tests done on Blaux Portable AC by testing facilities, but you will find many external tests and opinions of customers online. It has much positive feedback by the users and as per the manufacturer this air conditioning system is best for summer heat and can filter out the fine dust particles while cooling the environment. The unit is battery operated and it offers chill air efficiently without consuming electricity. The heat of summer months is dissipated via this unit and it delivers cool and pleasant air to you. It works as your personal cooling solution this summer.

As per the manufacturer, users can rely on Blaux Portable AC and its quality and workmanship. It comes equipped with grille in front for safety of the kids and its operations are noiseless that would not disturb you while sleeping at night. It is very compact and lightweight and you can carry it with you as your personal cooling solution this summer.

Blaux Portable AC Ratings and Recommendations

This is compact in size and hence you can position it anywhere across the room. It is economical and space saving too and you need no energy to operate it as it is battery operated unit. The unit has a modern design and suitable for every room and office. The AC has 4-in-1 unit that includes the night light and three other important functions. The powerful unit not only cools the room, but also filter out the fine particles and dust from the air. With single charge you can enjoy cool breeze for 8 hours.

  • Prevents excess oxygen
  • Modern design
  • Three fan speed settings
  • Multi angle air supply
  • Adjustable vertical angle
  • Projection nigh light
  • Low noise operations
  • Portability benefits and compact size

Where Blaux Portable AC Can be Used?

This AC is the mobile cooling system that is suitable for everyone and every room of your house and office. It is the compact size cooling system that you may place or position anywhere across the room. It can be positioned at the corner of a room or you can use it as your personal cooling system by placing it on any surface.

There is no installation or electricity required for efficient functioning of the unit. It lowers down the temperature in the room, while filtering out the dust particles in the air. Unlike fans, you will experience no strong airflow. Plus the operating cost is also very nominal as compared to air conditioners.

Is There any Guarantee?

Yes, the manufacturer offers money back guarantee with the device. So, if you are not satisfied with the quality and performance of the unit you may ask for full refund of money within 30 days of delivery. This is the added advantage because you are not risking your money by buying it. You still have the chance to request for refund if you are not satisfied with its service within 30 days.

Where to Buy This Portable AC?

There is no source to buy Blaux Portable AC and if you are interested in buying it then visit its official website and order it directly from the manufacturer online.

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